Credit Card Debt - Management Evaluation
Credit Card Debt Management Answers to Debt

We provide you with the following questions and answers that the majority of customers ask about credit card debt and our debt management services.

How does debt consolidation help?
Debt management services such as ours provides you with the services you need to combine your monthly debt obligations such as credit card debt into one easier to manage payment which will have a lower payment and interest rate.

How do I know if debt consolidation is right for me?
This is a question we get asked very frequently. The easiest way to sum it up is if you find yourself looking at your budget or wondering how you are going to pay all your monthly obligations then debt consolidation is probably the right choice for you. Our national team of debt evaluation counselors will give you good solid advice as to whether or no a debt management program is beneficial to you.

Can I apply for debt consolidation if I am already late on payments?
Absolutely and you should right now so our debt professionals can help you meet your obligations and save your credit standing.

Am I obligated in any way to follow through with your service offer?
Not at all.

Is debt consolidation a better alternative than bankruptcy?
Absolutely! Bankruptcy carries some heavy recourses that will be with you for up to 10 years. Debt consolidation shows that you realize your are in over your head but also shows that you are a responsible consumer. A bankruptcy can destroy your credit standing while our debt management services helps to maintain or restore a good credit standing.

Are there any fees involved when I apply online?
No, our online application is absolutely free.

What type of obligations can be consolidated?
There are too many to mention but a few and the most common are; credit cards, student loans, department store cards, medical expenses, and other types that are recurring monthly obligations.

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